Climate change

Automatic hydrologic deployment and modeling

This project is the hydrologic modeling part of the project Model Integration through Knowledge-Rich Data and Process Composition. Introduction of project Overview of the use of artificial intelligence techniques to support model integration Tasks in hydrologic modeling The completed workflow of hydrologic modeling with PIHM model and national/global data services. Animation of flood plant in South Sudan from 2001 to 2017 based on FLDAS data.

Hydrologic modeling in project HYPERION

Introduction of HYPERION The objective of HYPERION is the development of a comprehensive regional hydroclimate data assessment capability focused on feature-specific metrics and stakeholder-relevant outcomes. The secondary objective of this proposal is to leverage this assessment capability to improve our ability to predict these outcomes, by identifying the process-level drivers of outcome biases and evaluating the most appropriate and efficient ways to couple climate models, hydrologic models, and models of human impacts.

Reconstructing the role of landuse change on water yield at the Maya urban

Introduction of project Location of Tikal Tasks in hydrologic modeling Land use map of Tikal Elevation of Tikal Accomplishment of the project keep updating

Catchment hydrological change from soil degradation

Poster in AGU 2015 Fall meeting

Impact in hydrology from landuse and climate change

Introduction of project Tasks in hydrologic modeling Accomplishment of the project keep updating

Reconstructing the role of landuse change on water yield at the Maya urban center Tikal, Guatemala [700-800 AD]

Poster in AGU 2014 Fall meeting